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Sonoma CRx Clavicle Fracture Repair Set

Sonoma CRx Clavicle Fracture Repair Set

Sonoma CRx Clavicle Fracture Repair Set Each tray includes 8 eight CRx implants. See details below.

What is included in the Sonoma CRx Clavicle Fracture Repair Set
Catalog #DescriptionQuantity
CRX-WG2-40904mm x 90mm Sonoma CRx� WG2
CRX-WG2-401004mm x 100mm Sonoma CRx� WG2
CRX-WG2-401104mm x 110mm Sonoma CRx� WG2
CRX-WG2-401204mm x 120mm Sonoma CRx� WG2
EN27142.7mm x 14mm Self-Tapping, Bone Screw2
EN27162.7mm x 16mm Self-Tapping, Bone Screw2
EN27182.7mm x 18mm Self-Tapping, Bone Screw2
EN27202.7mm x 20mm Self-Tapping, Bone Screw2
EN27222.7mm x 22mm Self-Tapping, Bone Screw2
EN27242.7mm x 24mm Self-Tapping, Bone Screw2
EN27262.7mm x 26mm Self-Tapping, Bone Screw2
CS0065Spade-Tip Guide Wire, (SINGLE USE)2
CS0039K-Wire single diamond point 1.6mm (SINGLE USE)3
CS00432.0mm Drill Bit (SINGLE USE)2
CS00454.5mm Cannulated Drill Bit (SINGLE USE)1
DRE-0100-G4.5mm Cannulated, Flexible Reamer2
CS0070-G Reamer Depth Gauge1
IN01182.7mm Bone Screw Caddy/ Cover1
IN01602.5mm Captive Hex Screw Driver Bit1
IN0041Cannulated Phenolic Screw Driver Handle1
IN0119CRX Outrigger1
IN0121Thumb Screw CRx (Outrigger)1
IN0165External Sheath CRx (Outrigger)1
IN00824.0mm CRx Hub Attachment Screw1
IN01234.0mm Hub Attachment Tube1
IN40014.0mm CRx Actuation Driver1
IN0061CRX Implant Insertion Guide1
IN01024mm Gripper Gauge1
IN00663.5mm Drill Bit Non-cannulated1
IN00683.0mm Straight Trocar1
IN00643.0mm Curved Trocar1
IN01404.5mm Straight Cutting Awl1
IN01424.5mm Curved Cutting Awl1
IN0081Soft Tissue Trocar1
IN0074U-Shape Guide1
IN0033Periosteal Elevator1
IN0056Bone Clamps 6�1
IN0117Implant Sterilization Case1
IN0116Instrument Sterilization Case1
IN0108Notched Crego Elevator1
IN0126Sharp Hook1
IN0055Screw Forceps1
IN0145Aimer Awl1

Product Information
Product NameSonoma CRx Clavicle Fracture Repair Set
Mfg. Catalog #crx-clavicle-set
PicturesThese pictures of the Sonoma CRx Clavicle Fracture Repair Set are for display purposes only

Overall ConditionNew

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